Monday, 10 September 2012


What ever happened to honesty.
Honesty in general is gone, but I want to talk about relationship honesty. In the modern world relationships are a game from the second two people meet. Its a battle between the sexes not to give in first to the clearly visible attraction between the two of you. Your mates in your corner giving you their "expert" advice on what to do next to lure the poor already wounded male or female into your trap where you will wear the pants in the inevitable relationship that you quite clearly want but will never admit.
Stop it.
I am proud to say that if I think something I say it. I am not going to say I have never played a game with the opposite sex. I have. But I am shit, and I am hopeless with pretending not to like someone when I actually do and 99% of the time I have just been torn apart and left broken hearted. So I thought to myself no more games. If I like someone I will let it be known from the get go... And guess what, I'm still single.
Three years now.
It turns out complete honesty is now weird. Sad. But true.
We can deny it all we want but unfortunately this is the way it is. However If we just accepted what has landed in our laps, which is another liking you for who you are, you would notice that your relationships would last a lot longer. Maybe even forever. If you start a relationship trying to be someone else, thinking it is what they look for, you may be right in what they are looking for but i guarantee you one year down the line when you start showing who you truly are you will hear these words, "You have changed" "You not the person I married" "I don't know who you are anymore". Its no ones fault but your own. If you were just YOU from the start he or she would have known not to get involved. Saving you from a lot of heart ache and pain.
I know it sounds so simple right. That's because it is... Just be honest from the word go. Don't lead people on because you love the attention and don't let yourself be led on. You are better than that, and somewhere, one day someone will love you for every inch of who you are. Life is to short to waste it with an ass hole.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Enough is enough South Africa

Seriously... enough is enough South Africa.
I am so sick of hearing a sob story of how this race is worse off because of this or that race is struggling because of that... I wish the leaders of today could wake up and look to the younger generations for some advice. I am a white South African Born in the late 80`s and I am proud to say that I do not care if you are black, white, yellow or purple. If you are going to run a country do it fairly. I was 8 years old when apartheid ended. I can not even remember seeing a different flag raised in my life. Our generations are open minded thanks to your words you preach. A free and equal South Africa. Our minds are open to it. We are ready and we have been for years now. So practise what you preach. The only race that should matter is the human race.
The other day I got out of my car and a elderly black guy came up to me and called me sir while offering to look after my car. As I was about to walk away I asked him how old he was. Obviously knowing he was older than I was (I think He told me he was 53). I said to him that he should not call me sir, out of respect I should be calling him sir, so I did. I don't know if the look on his face was utter shock or confusion. But what was evident was the fact that he was not used to being called sir by a white man, but respect has been drilled into me by my parents, and I have grown up being a very respectful person. I do not see race, I see age, experience in life and humanity.
My biggest wish in my lifetime is that this beautiful country will turn itself around and everyone from my generation and the one after, and the next will think the way I do. Because that is the only way this country will ever see its full potential. Seeing our leaders keep separating and differentiating between whites and blacks will only make the youngsters think there is a difference.
There is no difference.
we are human.
Ryan Johnston.

Monday, 27 August 2012

About me.


The point of this new blog is basically just put who I am down in writting. Its gonna be honest... Its gonna be raw... and its going to have a lot of spelling mistakes. Who knows you may even find you can relate to the way I think.

SO... who am I...

My name is Ryan Johnston, and I was Born in Port Elizabeth South Africa. I was born the same way as most people i presume however I had a few problems. I was born without a thyroid gland, making me one in a million... yayyy... No... I have no metabolism what so ever my weight goes up and down like wall street and my moods are worse than a pregnant women. And yes I am a male. Just incase that was not clear.

Anyway my childhood was awesome, I have the raddest parents in the world and they treated my like a boss my whole life... Grew up living the dream! Junior school I went to a school called Cape Recief high school which was a school for kids who had learning disorders, attention disorders and cerebal paulsy. No idea really which one I had, but i dont rememeber a single thing I learnt in school... So maybe I had a learning disorder...
I grew up racing motocross... When I was 8 my dad used to take me to a bike shop on Saturdays and I would sit on the bikes and pretend to be riding... My best friend at the time had a bike and I was completely jealous. Until one day I was walking back from the bus stop and as I turned the corner to my house A van was dropping off my very own Yamaha PW80. Over the years I became very competitive and went to countless nationals all over South Africa.
High school came and I went to Woodridge College just outside PE... Started playing rugby and embarressed myself and my poor family for two years until I actually started to get fairly decent and made 1st team end of grade 11 and then my matric year...

After school I went into a whole different direction and moved to Cape Town to take on the modeling industry... Now this industry and I have a love hate relationship... I was always told that I can make it big, and I believed them until I met a girl and decided that I needed to move back to PE and decided that she was the one and I would suddenly become interlectual in my old age get married and settle down in my newly found life. No. So relationship ended I was hopeless with the studying and dropped out... Back to modeling. This time however I did a little better and was going well, until I met another girl. Lasted longer than the first time.. And I modelled while I was with her and even travelled the world with the modelling.. Milan, German, Istanbul... Was awesome...
Then that ended... And basically, shook my world so badly that it brought the sanity back into my life... YOU ARE YOUNG. LIVE...

And that is what I have been doing since then... I have been living and finding out who I really was as a person:) because as strange as it seems one of the first things in life you should be taught is being yourself. I think once I started just being myself and started living for myself it was easy to be happy...

So... my previous blog was about my training... and that didnt last long, so I thought I would blog about something a little different this time, and just blog about life in general... Things that are on my mind, and the way I think.... so this might get occasionally weird to a few of you who read this... but hey, just being me :) enjoy.